Jeremy Combot fashion illustrator from France

I am Jérémy Combot, young artist from France. I’ve been an illustrator since 2014 and I am mainly focused on the exciting fashion world. I work with international and independent magazines, websites, creative minds and I am a lecturer in Art schools from time to time.

My illustrations represent powerful characters not scared to be who they are. It is a way to express individual independence and freedom of self-expression through style. I like to mix different styles, prints and colours which are not supposed to match at first sign but create a unique look at the end. As a Libra, I like the fact that people love my work or hate it. There are no compromise!

Unravel the periods of time (mainly 90’s) and trends to reconstruct a unique and personal look, my illustrations also have 'Pop Culture' for guideline.

I am inspired  by very eclectic references: sometimes a chic and cool Saint-Germain-des-Prés Icon, sometimes a more Shoreditch neo-punk, or even a Kawaii Geisha doll-like… It is limitless.

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